Sunday, December 16

2 down

my mom and dad in law took Hailey and Jackson for an overnight on Thursday and Friday, so it was just me and the twinnies all day while Daddy was off at work. It was so fun...we played, we grocery shopped, we went out for supper, we went Christmas shopping- Macy picked out her own christmas present and promptly chewed on it all through the store, I cleaned the kitchen and it stayed clean, I had 2 whole naptimes to get stuff done, so that when the babies were awake we could do fun stuff!! It was great and a fun little "break" from the routine of life for all of us. My favorite part was that we just got to enjoy how stinkin' cute our twins are these days!! We took them Christmas shopping and out to eat and they were a huge hit with everyone we saw and they definitely hammed it up for the masses. :) Maelle was showing off her "so big" skills, while Macy clapped and smiled and giggled at all her admirers. I'd forgotten how much fun the age of 1 is and how much I loved that age with my other 2 kiddos. They're young enough that they're not naughty or running around or throwing fits or acting generally un-fit for public, but they're old enough to smile and giggle and interact and play games and be generally super fun to take places (or keep at home, either way they're just fun at this age)!! 
I never tire of seeing my sleeping beauties snuggled up and sleeping together!! I think that is one of my favorite thing about having twins- that they sleep together all snuggled up. They have even started crying if you put one down and don't put the other one in fast enough. Maelle even generally follows me to her bed if I take Macy first and Macy always stands up and waits for her sister, not sitting or laying down til her sister comes to bed. 
the girls have become quite the climbers, lately...yikes!! Macy even pushed the stool over to the stove and climbed up it to fiddle with the knobs!
Maelle...she's such a sweet little one, these days, I can't seem to get enough of her precious little smile. She wants to be held or to snuggle on my lap any chance she can get. She's showing off her "sooo big" skills for ya :) 
Macy's been wild and crazy, lately. Just giggling up a storm and being super silly! Her favorite thing to do is to clap for Maelle when she does "sooo big" or tries to walk. She's absolutely adorable!
Both girls have started saying, "dada" and Macy will even say, "HI" every once in a while. I LOVE it!! 
Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa, for having our two oldest for an overnight so I could enjoy my precious littlest ones!! We'll have to give you the babies one night so I can enjoy some older kid time with my oldest two :) 

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  1. They are so precious!

    Our trio have been in their own cribs since March, but they still want to be with the other ones.