Wednesday, December 26

Christmas Konietzki style

is filled with:
specifically Hailey's favorite girl cousin- Kenzie 
isn't she a cute little one?? 
She's between Jackson and the girls in age and she's just starting to say real words and it's incredibly cute!!
*grandparent's and their grandkids
*cool presents
*Auntie's and Uncle's that let the kiddos help them open their presents, too
*family photos under the Christmas tree
even if it takes a try or two to get it right :)
*sweet smiles
*great aunties that are almost birthday buddies....
*opening presents with Grandpa
*Great-Great Aunties 
*learning new tricks- like walking...eek! my baby is stumbling around, now.
*excited faces when they wake up on Christmas morning 
*a little boy falling  off the table, hitting his head, probably knocking himself out, throwing up and ending up in the emergency room ruling out a concussion
*two little buggers that enjoyed "stealing" their siblings toys and ignoring their own :)
This was definitely the best Christmas we've had to date...not sure if it was because the kids were finally old enough to really enjoy it, if it was just soooo much better than last year, if it had something to do with the new found faith of our oldest child, if we tried harder to keep Christ in our celebrations and it worked...or what was so great about it, but it definitely was a fun few days spent celebrating Christ's birth!!  

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  1. Looks like you guys had a fantastic Christmas!!!

    Merry Christmas!