Wednesday, December 5

not always what it seems...

Today I took all 4 kids to the library for story time...and I gotta admit- it's stressful and funny and crazy and humbling. I regularly don't have time to shower or do much in the way of hair or make up. I feel frazzled and I feel like I look like a "wreck" by the time I actually get there- not to mention the fact that my kids often don't behave amazingly well, they all climb all over me at the same time, the twins clap at the wrong time and squeal at the wrong time and inevitably one of them has a poopy diaper and Jack often has to go poopy at all the wrong times and someone ends up wrestling someone to the ground or someone climbs up on a chair and falls feels like an incredible mess and I often leave wondering if it was worth it. Which is why I was so surprised today when a mom of 2 said, "wow. you are amazing. I have such a hard time keeping it together and going out with my 2 and here you are with your 4 and you make it look so easy" I just about laughed in her face. I mean, seriously, did she not notice what was going on??? (or how the librarians cringed when we walked in??) How funny it is that we see what we want to see and not necessarily what's truly going on, isn't it??!! 


  1. Haha....It's all perspective. I don't think I'm even going to attempt to do that any time soon.

    1. I have 2 walkers, Jess!! I wouldn't try that if I had three of them my little M&M's age, either!! :) I think you're super woman for just simply surviving in your house all by yourself all day long!! :)