Thursday, December 13

fun times two

When people say that they've always wanted twins I imagine that this is what they envision twins to be like:
I truly never did understand when people used to say that to me- I really didn't think the twins were that "fun" or amazing or anything to be jealous of, until lately. Now they are just hilarious. They make us laugh all the time and their personalities are starting to come out in such a way that we can't help but love to watch them and laugh at them and snuggle them every chance we get. Maybe it's because they aren't quite as much work as they used to be and are starting to be a little more independent, but whatever the reason I am definitely loving being a mommy of twins, these days, and I do think I am blessed beyond measure to see these 2 little babes grow up and develop a cool and unique relationship! I often say I never wanted twins before mine were born, but when I found out I was having a boy who would be only 19 months younger than his sister I was a little disappointed. I'd always had this "vision" of having girls that I could dress the same, who'd be best friends, who'd share a room and clothes and who'd do all this stuff together...I guess God did know what he was doing when he gave me the twins- what's better than having a room mate that was your womb mate ;) I think that's one of the reason's why I'm not in a hurry to stop nursing! They're so adorable when they do- they fight over sides, they push each other, they put their feet in each other's mouths, they poke each other in the eye, they try to put each other's nuks in, they giggle and laugh, they make silly faces and noises, they give each other a high five, they hold hands and they smooth each other's hair out and rub each other's heads. They're so precious and it's a sweet, sweet time for me to get to snuggle with my precious girls and spend some "one on one" time with them! I often thought that it would be Hailey who would miss out the most when the twins were born- that she's somehow feel left out and not get as much attention as she was used to(and mostly that is true- she doesn't get as much attention as she's used evidenced by the fact that I finally took her in, after 2 weeks, to get her tested for a bladder infection and it turns out that she does have one and a yeast infection on top of that...poor kiddo!) But, it's not really Hailey that I find myself feeling bad for- it Maysen and Maelle. They're so fun together. They do so much together. They sleep together. They eat together. They ride in the stroller together. They are carried together. They get their diapers changed together. They nurse together. Everything they do, they do together. I feel like I very rarely get to spend any time with just one of them and I feel like they miss out that way. It's not really anything that can be helped or anything that they're really going to notice- at this time, anyways, but I definitely feel like its something that I'm "hiding away" in the corner of my mind for a later day- a day when they care- a day when they notice- a day when it matters to them that they each matter, that they are each special in their very own little way. Hailey and Jackson have been asking stories about themselves when they were little, lately, and asking specifically, "what makes me special, momma" and I've enjoyed telling them stories about how they are different and what's special about them and I can only imagine that the M&M's will come to that point, too, the point where they wanna be special and have something that's "just me". I pray that when that time does come that I can be sensitive and notice it and not just be so in love with the fact that they are twins to see that they are different little human beings!! 


  1. This was so sweet! It sounds like you are very aware of all of their needs and will ensure that they get their own special time with you and their own identity and sense of self!

  2. What a blessing :-)

    I think because 2 of mine are boys, that we don't get all that sweet cuddly goodness.