Tuesday, December 11


Last year I was super blessed. My sister came and decorated our whole house...she had all these ideas of things that you could just throw away when Christmas was over, but still make the house look awesome, and  it was really great. She has the decorating gift and I definitely do not. I can decorate, but I need lots of time and energy to pour into it, because it's just not second nature for me! So, needless to say, my sister hasn't spend weeks here this December and our house is slightly lacking in the decoration department. Instead of great and amazing decorations we've been creating a lot of memories putting up our simple little decorations- not quite as pretty to look at, but it's the thought that counts, right?! ;)
I really like these pictures of putting up the lights, because you can see Maelle looking out the window and so badly wanting to be a part of what's going on outside...she was such a little bugger and definitely mad that she wasn't allowed out to help with the lights!! 
 Instead of a beautiful and wonderful wreath- we have a nice little homemade one with some gingerbread men that the kids made at the library! :) I just may keep this one and put it up every year! 
decorating the tree with our kids was a blast...as you can tell they enjoyed showing me their favorite ornaments, but they didn't enjoy sitting at the base of the tree for a picture ;) Hailey looks so "owly" about it! 
my favorite ornament (or at least my favorite of the ones that weren't broken...Jackson managed to break quite a few ornaments, including many that I really thought were unbreakable, and what he didn't Hailey did...ahhh...nothing like teaching me that people are more important than things, right?!) :) 
Hailey got to put the star on the top- good thing we got a small tree- it makes Korey look so tall ;) 
the m&m's really enjoyed the lights...they musta tasted good, too, 'cause Maelle has even been trying to put them in her mouth while they're on the tree ;)
I know that I should probably teach my twinnies not to touch the tree, but yesterday Maelle and Maysen kept Hailey and Jackson quite busy- they took the ornaments off and Hailey and Jack put them back on...Plus, two little people in awe of the tree are just plain adorable :) 
I miss all your decorations, Fysh!! I just may have to get out pics of last year and copy what you did...since I can't even seem to remember what our house looked like last year, just that it looked a lot cuter than this year :) 

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  1. Beautiful pictures! You could do what we do and put them baby corral around the tree lol...I'm waiting to see what happens next week when we take the gate down during Christmas.