Monday, December 3

1st birthday party!

our little twinnies had their first birthday party yesterday and it was a sweet, sweet day for me! I felt like my girls were so loved. (not to mention their siblings, who were also spoiled and hugged up and "watched" and taken care of) We had mostly family, but a few neighbors who had been a huge part of our girls lives (and mine). It was just fun to celebrate and throw a "big" party and laugh and enjoy our little twinnies being one year old! 
it was so fun to see them eat their cake. Neither of them were huge fans of it right away, but Macy soon figured it out and had the greatest time smashing her cake and shoveling it in by the handfuls...Maelle on the other hand slowly picked at it- eating the little polka dots off of it and generally just picking at it- until she got tired of that and just threw it on the floor :) 
I was so excited about the decorations. Poor Korey had to do a lot more cleaning this time, since I had so much fun making little banners and the like...but, it was so fun and so worth it :) 
the cake...yikes! My friend, Jenny really outdid herself on these. They were out of this world beautiful (not to mention super yummy)!! I'm so thankful to her- not only does she make awesome cakes, but she actually delivered it, because some "flaky momma" forgot to go and pick it up! (oops...)
all ready to go...
putting on some finishing touches :)
Hailey is probably gonna take after her momma...she enjoyed helping with all the decorations and even wrote everyone's name on the cups so that they would remember which one was theirs! 
our girls are loved...greatly loved!
I'm pretty sure that Hailey and Jackson had more fun opening the presents than the m's did, but the girls definitely enjoyed holding the snacks and were absolutely incensed that the new sippy cups were empty!! 
2 matching giant unicorn ponies?! yup- they got everything :)
 (Jack and Hailey ended up sleeping with them last night- go figure) :)
poor little Jack, Jack didn't think it was very fun watching the babies play with their cakes- he just wanted a piece of his own :) I guess Jack had the "hardest" day of anyone...he woke up from his nap to a house full of people (not his favorite thing to begin with) but then his momma put him on the toilet to go poopy and forgot about him!! oops...good thing Grandma saved the day and heard him calling from the bathroom :) 
Happy Birthday my sweet little m&m's!! I love you!! 

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