Monday, December 31

all the world needs now...

is love, sweet love...
and we got plenty to share over here at the konietzki house :) 
(well, ok, maybe there's not always an over-abundance of it, but we sure do have a lot of fun pretending) :)
true loves means I can't sleep without you
true love says, "let me give you a boost up, little brother"
true love helps your sister put her nuk back in- whether she appreciates your help or not :)
true love is coloring pictures for each other on your belly 
true love is letting your sister steal your sippy cup
true love is letting your little sister look on as you play with your new Christmas present
true love is holding hands in the car- just like mom and dad :) 
luckily, for you, catching my children not showing love (with the camera, at least) is a little harder, because it generally involves naughtiness that needs to be corrected, someone crying or mommy not being around :) But, let me set the record straight- we have plenty of pushes and shoves, plenty of baby cat fights, plenty of hits and screams- going on over here. That's why, for the kiddos, my new year's resolution is to work on kindness. Since they are all so close in age, there isn't really ever going to be a need for outside friends- we'll have them, I'm sure, but there won't be a NEED for them- like there would in a single child home or a home with children spaced farther apart. My goal is that my kids are each other's best friend. Nothing makes my heart happier than when I drop Hailey and Jack off in their classrooms at church and they don't want to leave each other. Since they all will be in school together- just a year or two apart- depending on how we deal with Jack's late August birthday, I feel like they could be a great encouragement and help to one another in those hard school years. But, I also feel like that role of encouraging and helping one another won't happen by accident- it's something that we will need to work on and cultivate. :) (and pray a TON about)

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