Thursday, January 3

sippy cups...

are very prevalent at our house these days...
I had started "weaning" Hailey off of them and into using a big girl cup, but realized that I can't handle the stress of  cleaning up spills constantly. So, she's back to using a sippy cup :) maybe by the time she's 10 she'll be done with the sippy cups!
I've also started giving Maysen and Maelle more milk in sippy cups- with a plan to start weaning them. I'm going away for 2 weekends in February, so I don't know how my milk will hold up to being gone and I don't know how the girls will do with it while I'm gone, so I'm trying to get them used to the cups and used to not nursing as's a little rough on all of us, but we're not too gung-ho about it, so we're doing ok. It's just hard on me- knowing that there's an end in sight. I think I'm feeling a little sad about not having a baby in the house, now that the twins are doing a little more walking, a little more babbling, a little less nursing and moving to forward facing carseats! Korey's very thankful that we already made the decision or I'd probably weasel another baby(or two) out of him ;) I know that there always will be an end- even if I had 19 children- and that end would, most likely, always be a little sad. I think that's why mom's of older chidren always have a little "softness" towards the younger years and are always telling us mom's of younger ones to cherish these times- I think they just miss their babies :)  
Macy likes her milk a little better than Maelle...Maelle always has been more of a die hard nurser. Korey always had to give her her bottle, when she was younger, because she never would even take one from me...I think they have a special little bond because of that!
the good news is that the older the girls get the longer and more fun their hair gets...I don't have much time to do it, but on those days that they just wanna sit on my lap and snuggle I've been trying fun and new stuff with their hair :) 

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