Wednesday, August 1


Yup, that's right- poop, again! I don't know why so much of our life over here seems to revolve around poop, but it seems as if we're always dealing with one poop crisis or another! This morning it was Jackson. Poor kid, his stomach is pretty upset and he's just not been feeling well and didn't quite make it to the bathroom, but he sure tried...leaving a trail of poop from the kitchen to the bathroom. In my haste to rush to his aid the fact that the twins were crawling around was the farthest thing from my mind--oops, oops, and double oops. When the say double the trouble they are not kidding. Both twins managed to crawl through each and every little plop in the hallway, covering themselves in poop. As I was rushing to clean them up, keep their fingers and toes out of their mouths and yelling at Jackson to stay on the toilet, Hailey decided it would be a fairly appropriate time to start following along behind me, grabbing at my pants, whining and begging for me to carry her...let's just say that mommy wasn't exactly in the right frame of mind to carry her little self around while cleaning up babies and poop out of undies and off of shoes and off the floor. I may have even snapped at her and sent her to my room to sit on the bed. After all was said and done...freshly bathed babies were in bed and freshly snuggled and cleaned kids were on mommy's bed watching Sesame Street...I sat on the floor and bawled. I just let the tears stream down my face, crying because my life seemed so overwhelming, crying because I hadn't handled it as well as I should have, crying because it has been a long week. Then, I got up off the floor, because I had to call the doctor (and when the house is relatively quiet you capitalize on that- regardless of how crazy life is) and went in search of my cellphone. When I finally gave up and just went to bathroom I found it- floating in a tub full of water. I, honestly, don't even have any clue how it got there! But, at that moment it was just what I needed- it was "over the top" enough that all I could do was laugh. I mean, really, as if poop all over the hallway and the babies wasn't enough- I definitely needed a drenched cellphone, too. As of now, it still isn't working, but maybe as it dries it will. But, even more importantly, though, God and His grace were there in that bathtub- bringing me to the place where I could get a hold of myself and get back to the place where I could laugh at myself and my life, again. That's not to say the rest of the day went well or was tear free or even that the kids were well behaved or that the babies didn't spend most of the day crying and screaming and begging to nurse- it means that I worked and I pleaded with God and I gave myself and my children grace. It means that I laughed when I wanted to cry- most of the time, anyways. :)
Hard to believe that these sweet precious ones could ever cause a "stir" isn't it??
oh, wait, ok- that's more like it - my little monkey in action :)
In You, O Lord, I put my trust....Be my strong refuge to which I may resort continually....For You are my hope, O Lord God; You are my trust from my youth. (Psalm 71)

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