Wednesday, August 29

2 years

 Jackson Ray turns 2 tomorrow!
3 days old
1 year old

2 years old
 My little man-
I can't believe that you're 2 years old already. In some ways these years have flown by and it feels like just yesterday that I held you in my arms for the first time. You are the little boy I always dreamed of. You didn't even cry when you were born you just looked up at me with those big eyes and I swear you smiled at me and in that moment I knew you and I were going to have a special bond. You make me laugh, you make me smile, you make me cringe. You have the softest sweetest heart. You love Jesus with abandon and I love that! Your prayers are sweet and beautiful and nothing can bring tears to my eyes faster than hearing you say, "Amen, Jesus, thank you mommy, daddy, Hawey and babies", like you do almost every night. I'm in awe of and almost jealous of the way you completely and utterly trust that God protects you from monsters and lions and snakes and scary things under your bed. You are just precious. You love your Daddy so much and we have taken to calling you his "mini-me", because not only do you look so much like him, but you copy everything that he does. You like nothing better than to go outside and work with your tools on his boat or the deck or the truck. Last night I came outside and you were working with Daddy and he had a few zip ties in his mouth that he was using on a project and when you turned to look at me I saw that you had a few in your mouth, too. You didn't know why- you just copied your Daddy and I found that to be so incredibly cute. You're also the toughest little thing I've ever met. You fall a lot and rarely cry. You hit your head numerous times a day and never complain. You're always sporting some new bruise or scratch that you didn't come and tell me about. Watching you grow up is the most exciting, scary, and wonderful thing I've ever experienced. At one moment you act like you're already 3 and you're running and jumping and doing all the stuff that Hailey can do, but in the next moment you're coming in the house crying and needing mommy to kiss a "hurt" away or tattling on daddy for picking on you. I cherish those precious times when you need me. I sneak in a little hug every time you fly by me on your way somewhere. I snuggle you every chance I can get. Because I know that all too soon, my sweet baby boy, you're going to be grown up and not needing me to kiss your hurts away and not begging me to read you stories about garbage trucks and not wanting me to sing another song when I tuck you into bed at night! 
Happy Birthday my sweet Jackson! 
Love, your biggest fan- mommy

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