Thursday, August 16

fun with my kids

Life here is settling down, again, and we all seem to be getting beyond whatever cold and sickness we had for a couple of, we've started making more time for "fun"! I've been thinking a lot, encouraged a lot by friends, and spurred on by my kids to just have fun and not worry so much about the rest of life! Oddly enough, the more I've been focused on just having fun and enjoying the simple parts of our life- God has provided the extra time and energy to get stuff done around the house, also. (even if it does mean that I'm folding laundry at 10:30 at night, while waiting for Korey to get home- God also provided the grace I needed to get through the next day without feeling too overwhelmed with tiredness)
here's a few things that fun means to my kiddos:
painting fingernails with Hailey, when all the other kids go down for naps
making rice krispy treats with Jack and letting him lick the spoon
  letting the M&M's keep the bag of crackers they snagged off a chair and letting them crawl around on the floor eating them
 I feel like my kids and I often have a lot of crazy fun over here, but it's just a good reminder to take some time out of my day to truly enjoy this time of life, to make special times, to revel in the fun- instead of wishing away this time or allowing it to just pass by me too quickly!! 

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  1. Great reminders Jen! Love your pics; they're all just so cute having their fun! :)
    Love, Amanda