Saturday, August 4


Or maybe not...I feel like my two babies are growing up so fast! These little buggers don't seem so "babyish" these days- they're just learning so much new stuff and getting into so much trouble :) Their favorite thing to do is chase Jackson and his toys around the house. It makes Korey and I laugh so hard, especially when they gang up on him and each go from a side and sort of "hem" him in! I'm not sure a mom should get so much enjoyment from seeing her poor son being tormented :) 
 they have gotten themselves up and standing on this little piano, but, thankfully, not too often, since they tend to fall down! 
 both girls have reverted back to the's weird, but I'm not gonna complain, because I find it so much easier to break a nuk habit than to deal with a baby who is cranky and only satisfied with nursing...
I love my little twinnies! 90% of the time when someone says that I'm blessed and lucky to have twins I couldn't agree with them more (the other 10% of the time I just wanna invite them over to my house @ 4:30pm and let them deal with two crying and whining babies while trying to wrangle Hailey and Jack and get some sort of dinner on the table...) 
 look how big Maelle looks in the doll stroller?? I can't believe it! Even our "tiny" baby is getting to be so big!
The girls are starting to respond to a name and that's been kinda fun. I got Maelle to come down the hallway and into their bedroom by calling her name- she cried the whole way, but she came and even with the crying- she was absolutely adorable! I'm not sure that either of them know their specific names and it'll be interesting to see how long it takes before they respond to their own names. 
I guess I just have to admit that my babies are growing up and aren't gonna be babies that much longer...good thing they're getting easier as they grow or I'd be incredibly sad! :) 

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