Monday, August 13

guardian angels?

 a few months ago a friend and I had joked that when our newest baby's were born that God put extra guardian angels at our houses, since we didn't really have the time/energy/know-how to keep up with everyone and keep everyone safe at all hours of the day. What began as a joke has really been striking me as completely and utterly true!! There are so many scary situations that I see my kids could potentially get in, there are so many things that have almost happened or have happened and just aren't as bad as they could be. I feel like I am continually thanking God for taking care of and protecting one child or another. Yes, we've had our fair share of bumps, bruises, cuts, and scrapes, but not serious injuries and other than Maelle having pneumonia and being hospitalized for 2 nights- no major sicknesses or illnesses. God has truly been gracious to our family and has put His guardian angels around each and every one of our children. 
No other time has it been more obvious to me than yesterday...the M&M's had just finished eating and I cleaned up Macy and left her unbuckled in her highchair (like I always do, because doing the buckle one handed is rather difficult) and then moved on to Ellie. Without even thinking, though, I decided to take Maelle into the kitchen and rinse her off in the sink...what I heard from the kitchen made me remember that I had left Macy unbuckled-first I heard her squawking because I had left, a loud thud and then horrifying silence, followed by a little cry. Not a hard cry or a scream- just a little squawky cry! I don't think I've ever run from one room to the next and what I found made me cry tears of absolute thankfulness and praise to my Heavenly Father. Someone had pushed a dining room chair between the two highchairs and that must have "broken" her fall, because Macy was sitting on the floor, right next to her highchair, chewing on a piece food that she had dropped earlier, not really phased in the least that she had just fallen off of her highchair. All I could think of is what could have happened, what I've heard of happening and how gracious God is in protecting my children- even when their mom isn't on the top of her game. 
Thank you, Jesus, for protecting my sweet baby girl and reminding me that I always need to buckle her in!

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