Tuesday, August 7


Sometimes I'm overwhelmed by the love at our house...
Hailey and Jackson give each other hugs, snuggle together on the chair or the couch, play together, beg to sleep in each other's beds, cry for one another if one has to go to bed earlier than the other or if one goes to the neighbor's house to play
 the M&M's have an amazing bond that causes them to reach for one another while they're sleeping or awake, comfort one another if they're sad, cuddle with one another, not mind sharing mommy's lap or attention or crackers or a nuk with each other, and makes them cry if you separate them 
And, Hailey and Jack love their "twinnies" and I know that love is returned. No one can get them to giggle and laugh like Hailey can and they chase Jackson around the house, trying to play with him more than I've ever seen a baby do before. They just adore their older siblings! On a particularly rough day, when Hailey was begging for me to play with her or push her on the swings or hold her or read to her- I exasperatedly said to her, "wouldn't it be nice if we didn't have the twins, Hailey, and we could just go and play whenever we wanted to and I wouldn't always have my hands full of babies" and her reply brought tears to my eyes, "oh no, momma," she said, "I love my twinnies. You not take my twinnies from me. They my best friends and I love them." I always felt that having my kids so close in age would mean that they wouldn't get the enjoyment of having a baby in the house, like I did with my little brothers, but I don't think they're really missing out- Hailey and Jack seem to get a lot of enjoyment out of giving the babies a bottle of water or feeding them cheerios or sharing the food they don't want with them! :) 
I know that some days the love is not quite so evident over here, but I do know that it's always there- even if it's not shown very well! :) 

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