Tuesday, August 28

9 months

wow! my littlest buggers are 9 months old already!! Here's a little of what they're up to:
They're all over the place- crawling here and there, but mostly up my leg or into my lap...they're always following me around and always clinging to my legs. I've even accidentally knocked them over a few times when I've moved about the kitchen too quickly and haven't realized one of them was attached to my leg! 
 loving their momma
I know that most kids love their mom's, but I guess because Hailey wasn't a "momma's girl" I'm always happily surprised when my kiddos choose me over anyone else and these little twinnies definitely do! (I think it has more to do with the fact that I am "food", but don't tell my heart that- I like to think that I'm just that special to them) :)
 taking baths with the older kiddos :) (they don't even need their little seats anymore, in fact, they climb out of them, now, so we cant use them) 
they're all pretty cute, huh?!
 still tormenting their siblings- they're just getting better and better at it, these days :)
 sippy cups!!!
woohoo! our little baby girls have moved on and are using their little sippy cups more and more each day! I've even taken to pumping at night, just so I have something, other than water, to put in them, because they love using them so much 
 standing up on everything...
 climbing!! eeeh! Both girls are climbing up the stairs and Maelle is pretty much climbing on everything and anything! Thankfully Maysen is still a little bit behind, so I'm not having to console both of them as often as I do Maelle. (about 3 seconds after this picture was taken she fell face first off of the dishwasher)
I'm still nursing the girls and still don't have plans to quit anytime soon- even though it's a lot less like the sweet snuggle time that I pictured in my mind and a lot more like wrestling alligators, but at least they're getting good food that's free! :) 
These little girls are such a joy. We all just love watching them play and crawl and climb and do pretty much anything! God definitely knew what He was doing when He blessed our little family with twins! (what a shock, huh?) :) 

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