Tuesday, August 21

7 things for 7 years

there's so much I love and appreciate about my husband and I definitely feel like this year has been the best year of our marriage- to date (God willing we have plenty more to choose the best from) :) But, I really feel like there is something about a marriage that has been "tried by fire" (I realize being blessed by children isn't a horrible curse or anything-just hard on a marriage) and come out stronger. Before we had the twins I was incredibly worried about our marriage. I knew the dynamics would change. I knew Korey would have to be more "hands on" than before. I knew the rate of divorce within the first year of a multiple birth is over 60%. I knew that we would be exhausted. I knew our marriage would have to take a "backseat" for a while. I knew it would be hard on us. And, I didn't know how we would weather it all. 6 years seemed like a long time, but I worried it wouldn't be long enough to weather some of the challenges I knew we were going to face...I worried that we would hurt each other, wound each other, and we would emerge not stronger for it, but bitter and constantly at odds with one another. I'm pleased to say that through this year my love and admiration for Korey has only grown. (yes, we've had our fights- mostly about the dumbest stuff and mostly at the midnight feeding of the twins) ;) I've seen him put me and our kids first in a way that he'd never had to before. I've watched him pitch in at home. I've felt his constant encouragement and strength. Even just the simplest of things aren't taken for granted- that has made our marriage stronger and for that, I thank God! We may not have a date night every week. We may not have "quality time" with one another talking and chatting and sharing our hopes and dreams. Most of our conversations may be at 6 in the morning, bleary eyed and chugging coffee, but I love my man and I love my life and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the whole world.
In honor of our 7 years together, here are 7 things I love and appreciate about my man:
1)he's an AWESOME daddy
 2)there's nothing he can't build or fix or make
3)he rubs my back when I've had a long hard day of carting little ones around
4)he does the laundry, when it gets backed up, he empties the dishwasher when it needs it, he takes out the garbage when it's full
5)he makes me laugh- even when I wanna cry or be angry
6)he gave me 4 beautiful children
7)he's not afraid of hardwork- he'll work hard all day at work and then come home and work some more
I love this man and I've never once regretted marrying him :)

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