Wednesday, August 15

7 years...

and 4 kids later...we've found that life is a little different than it used to be! :)
7 years and 4 kids later:
you find yourself taking a shower in the morning and blow-drying your hair- praying no one throws up on you or ruins your hair, knowing you won't have time to shower again
you wear a long dress because during the preceeding shower 3 kids decided that they needed to jump in with you and one of them got soap in their eyes so you didn't have time to shave your legs
your husband asks you to change out of before mentioned dress and opt for jeans because he doesn't feel like dressing up
you make your husband pick out your outfit for you
you do your make up and hair at the dining room table, between shoving food in babies mouths and sweet talking your kids into eating their mac 'n cheese
your last minutes before walking out the door are spent putting mac 'n cheese in the fridge and laying out jammies and diapers, instead of primping and double checking your hair
you go out for a celebration dinner 6 days early, because that's what works for you and your free babysitters
you remember your anniversary only because your amazingly sweet babysitters get you a gift card and offer to babysit for free!! 
you opt to sit at the bar and wait for a quiet, secluded booth far away from children, instead of taking the first available table
you stop at menards and at a friend's house to return some stuff on the way to dinner
you go for a nice quiet drive after dinner, just listening to music and enjoying your time away
you find yourself quietly sitting and staring at each other and your food and loving every minute of the quietness and not even feeling like you need to fill the silence with chatter
you thank God for 7 beautiful years, 4 beautiful children and 1 amazing man that-
you talk and dream and think of the future laugh at your kids with, you laugh at your life with and then-
you walk out of the restaurant, holding hands, excited that you get to go home and "live life" with the man that you love and your best friend! 
7 years and 4 kids later I wouldn't change a thing! I love you, Korey, and I wouldn't trade all the time to get ready and dressed up and all the fun date nights that we used to have for anything that we have, right now. I love every minute that I get to spend with you, every moment that we share together, and every time that you come home my heart leaps in my chest- just like it used to when we were first married! You light up my life and put a smile on my face, even when it seems impossible! I thank God for you and still can't believe that you chose me to be your wife! 

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