Tuesday, August 28


is slowly fading away. Thankfully there are a few nice days left!
we went to the "beach" with my sister on one of those days. It was fun to share some memories with our auntie fysh! (can you see the hiding baby on my lap?)
 there's nothing better than sandy little toes- especially chubby little baby ones! 
 some rare moments when my kids are quiet and still 
 auntie fysh- our chief baby wrangler :) 
I can't get enough of these 2 when they're actually still and silent......it just doesn't happen often:)
  I'm gonna be one sad momma when summer does finally fade away. This is really the first year that all the kids and I have been able to enjoy being outside each and every day and it has been a lot of fun to take them swimming and to the beach and to just have so many little "experiences" with them! 

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