Friday, August 31

Happy Birthday, Unca Phil

My littlest brother turns 18 today! (yesterday, 'cause I'm a little slow...)
My mom let my sister and I be a part of her big day- the day he was born and I can remember it like it was yesterday. My mom started contractions in the morning and by the time 9 o'clock at night rolled around I was starting to get nervous. I can remember shooting baskets outside while my mom walked around and we waited for my Dad to get home from work. I've never gone into labor on my own- other than with the twins, early, and let me tell you- it was anything but calm and rational walking around, like my mom was that day. (it involved calling my mom sobbing, calling the nurses hotline sobbing and my neighbors coming and finding a 1/2 naked boy running around chasing the dog with scissors as his sister decorated her with stickers...not calm or rational) My brother hung poor mom labored into the wee hours of the sister and I slept on chairs in the waiting the end it was totally worth all the distress I went through (because those chairs are uncomfortable- right mom???) ;) to see my precious little "squirmy" brother all red and crying under the heat lamps. I still remember looking at him the first time and immediately falling in love. I think I knew at that moment I was going to be a mom- whatever it took. When he was little I got the amazing privilege of taking care of my little brother a lot. He went with my sister and I everywhere. We doted on him, took pictures of him, used him for projects at school, took him out with us and our friends, we absolutely loved our littlest brother! (and it hasn't changed- I still absolutely love this guy who now towers over me and throws my kids higher up in the air than I ever could) :) My littlest brother isn't so little anymore...he's quite grown up. I'm proud of who he has become and of the man he is working towards becoming. He is someone that I truly hope and pray my son turns out like! We love ya, Unca Phil!! 
or should I say princess phil? ;) 

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