Sunday, August 19

a time to cry, a time to be happy...

for everything under heaven and earth there is a time...
there was a time in our lives that was scary and heartbreaking and hard- that was the time that our daughter's spent in the NICU (newborn intensive care unit). Granted, they were only there 5 days, they were only there for breathing and feeding troubles, they were some of the biggest twins the nurses had in there, they were 37 weeks when they were born- they had a lot going for them, but, regardless of how good things were- how everyone told us they were doing so great and would be fine- as a Mom and Dad it's never easy to see your  tiny precious babies all hooked up to iv's and oxygen and listening to their breathing wax and wane throughout the night. It's never easy to leave 2 precious children at home to sleep with 2 precious children in the hospital. It's never easy not knowing. And, that's where we "lived" for 5 long days- not knowing. Not knowing how long we'd be there, not knowing if they would ever nurse, not knowing what the future held for us. We were scared, we were nervous, we were overwhelmed by it all. I cried every time I left the hospital, I cried every time I left home, I cried watching my 2 oldest children and husband leave the hospital, I cried when I pumped and got nothing, I cried when I had to leave and get some food to eat and I cried when I got back and sat in the dark room with my sleeping little ones to eat. Those were hard and lonely days for me and hard and busy days for Korey. 
But, those sad days are far from us- they almost seem like a distant memory, now, and last week, Thursday, we went to a party celebrating all the NICU graduates. It was such a fun and special day for the twinnies- ok, just kidding- Hailey and Jackson had fun and the twins sort of "hung out" :) I just enjoyed the opportunity to see some of our nurses and the doctor and be reminded that those sad and scary times are no more! 

all in all I'd say we all had a great and fun time! It was a great reminder to think back to those first few days of the twins lives and to rejoice in the fun, instead of sorrowing in the hard times! 

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