Tuesday, September 15

swimming lessons at the YMCA

Ever since I taught swimming lessons to put myself through college I've wanted to take my child to parent/child swimming classes and now that Hailey's over 6 months I could!! It was an exciting day for me. I just couldn't wait to get there. Even though we had a super busy day and I ran around until almost the minute before we left for lessons, it just felt good to be there! Hailey was by far the youngest baby there and I'm pretty sure that I was the youngest parent there, but it was still fun. She absolutely loved being in the water and by the time it was time to leave she was even splashing and hitting the water with her hands. We played a lot of little games that were pretty fun. Mostly the hokie pokie, if you're happy and you know it, and brown bear brwon bear. Most of the kids could blow in the water or go under, but Hailey was definitely the best at floating on her back. :) I was just so proud of her, she didn't even whine or cry the whole time, in fact she was smiling at all the lifeguards and other teachers and pretty much chatting with anyone who would listen! Now, if I could just keep track of my swimsuit bottoms we'd be good to go! (yeah...that's right, I can't find them anywhere-hopefully they're in the lost in found...You really wouldn't believe how hard it is to change a 7 month old and yourself at the same time, especially in a super wet, kinda gross, super full locker room!)
You can't see us too well 'cause the sun is shining in...but, we're there practicing swimming towards a little toy!
Here we are practing our kicks! Hailey has some killer kicks...I think she's gonna be a breastroker! ;) (she does awesome froggie kicks!)

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