Sunday, September 20

Owen Andrew Albright

Next week or the week after, depending on if my friend takes another week off of work or not, I'm going to start watching a newborn baby boy! His name is Owen and he is such a little peanut. He will be 5 weeks old tomorrow and is such a good baby. Unlike my own little angel, Owen barely cries and is always such a happy little guy. He and his Mom, Laura, came over to visit the other day and he and Hailey got along superbly! :) The only thing that I think is going to be an "interesting" little problem is that Hailey can't stand watching me carry, hold or snuggle with any baby and she hates it when another kid gets a bottle and she doesn't! I'm thinking that the first week or two isn't going to be very fun and that it will be filled with a lot of tears and screams by Hailey, but after that I think that she'll just settle in and be fine with it all. I'm actually really hoping that it will help her get over some of her "need to be held by my mommy" thing! I don't really know when that started, but it feels like within the last week anytime that I'm around Hailey has to be in my arms or at the least looking at me or she isn't happy. Even if Korey has her and she sees me she'll start screeching until he hands her over, but if I just walk out of the room and she "forgets" that I'm there then she's fine! It's rather annoying, but in a weird little way it's kind of endearing. I've always felt like she just had this super special bond with her Dad and it's kind of nice to see that she really does love me! :) Not that I want to keep rewarding that behavior so that it keeps up or anything, but it's nice to know that I'm loved!!!

Here are Hailey and Owen playing on the floor. I actually think that they're holding hands...kinda cute! (i haven't shown this one to korey, otherwise he might not let owen come back) ;)
she definitely looks bigger than him but not that much...
ok...don't even ask about her outfit or the fact that her little socks are all the way up to her knees and her pants are all scrunched up...some outfits just don't lend themself very well to wearing! :)

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