Tuesday, September 29

I like the fall, the mist and all...

Since the fall weather is upon us- whether we like it or not- Hailey and I have decided that we need to get ready. One of the things that we've been doing is spending more time indoors. Usually we go for a walk or hang out outside on the swing or just on a blanket playing, but with it being so chilly (not to mention windy and rainy) it's been more fun to just hole up inside! I guess you could say that we've gone into hibernation mode...maybe we'll emerge by next spring! ;)
Here's Hailey enjoying her johnny jump up that I hung in the doorway! She usually plays in this for at least an hour each day and she just jumps and either growls or talks to herself! (yeah, I did say growl...it honestly sounds like she's trying to imitate the dog growling at the door or something...)
here's an action shot...she never stops moving...she's in constant motion in this thing! (no wonder she never gains any weight...) ;)
getting ready for the fall also means warm clothes! I haven't turned on the furnace, yet...I just can't do it...so our house is a little cool, but it is kinda fun to wear our warm clothes!
and...it means getting new books to read! We just got two new ones yesterday and they're great! one is called "puppies" and it has all these little puppies that you can feel, Hailey loves it! The other one is called "busy baby" and it has a baby blanket that you can feel on each page as the baby goes through it's day! She likes that one, too...she doesn't ever want to let go of the blanket.
So, I guess I would have to say that I like the fall and all that goes with it. It's fun to spend more time holed up indoors and to think about being able to get stuff ready for winter soon! Yeah!! bring on the snow! ;)

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