Wednesday, September 23

apple picking with baby buddies!

Today Hailey and I went apple picking with some friends from baby buddies. It was super fun, but the best part was that Hailey had a big sister for the day. My dear friend, Christy, had to take her youngest to a doctor's appointment, so she wasn't able to attend, but we didn't want Abby to miss out, so we offered to adopt her for the day! She was such a great little helper and I think that she had as much fun being Hailey's big sister as Hailey had having a big sister. All the way up to Merrill they sat and "chatted" in the backseat. I had told Abby that it was her job to put Hailey's nuk in her mouth if she got cranky and to hold her hand for her so that she could fall asleep, and she did her job admirably! Hailey didn't fall asleep, but I heard a lot of giggling and chatting coming from the backseat. Right before we got to the Orchard Abby said to me, "you need to have another baby so that Hailey can have a big sister all the time!" :) (only if I could adopt you, Abby!)
Here are the two girls enjoying their ride to the apple trees
All the little girls sitting on a big can barely see Abby and Ellie, who are holding the two babies on their laps! I guess that means Hailey's finally getting bigger!

Anna, Kate, Hailey, and Ellie
Josie and Hailey...isn't Josie's little tonge adorable?? I just love it!
Josie crawling away. Isn't she a peanut?? She and Hailey are exactly the same age- only an hour apart, but you'd never know it by their size...Hailey has a lot of catching up to do!
Abby, posing under the apple tree! Isn't she a gorgeous little girl??
aww...they're just precious!
my dear friend, Beth! the only one of our group that has 3 kids...i'm the only one with only 1, everyone else has 2! That must be the magic #
Abby was just so good at taking pictures with everyone ;)

Hailey eating apples...or maybe just playing with it!

My dear friend, Beth's daugther Lauren!
Hailey, Samuel, and Josie...this is about as interested in each other as they usually get!
But, we did finally get a good picture of them all looking at the camera!

Samuel's sweet sister, Katrina!
Samuel and Hailey...maybe we can use this picture at their wedding someday! ;)
All done and ready to go home!

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