Monday, September 28


We had a big day, yesterday! Great Grandma Yetter came to visit and the Packers were playing!! (they Daddy and Grandpa were happy!!) I really like my Great Grandma. She is a lot of fun to play with. She even gave me a bottle last night before I went to bed. Here she is playing, "this is the way the ladies ride..." with me! I love that game!
Yummmy...she lets me eat my Uncle Phil's hat!
She tried to put it on my head, but I pulled it off...I'm too quick for you, Grandma!
watching the Packers with my Daddy! Do you like my hat?? Daddy says that it's good luck, 'cause when I wore it the Packers started doing better...

I love you, Daddy. Thanks for letting me sit on the couch with if I could just get you to share the chips and dip with me!!!

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