Monday, September 7

the 1st Ashbeck/Konietzki annual campout!

Devra Ashbeck and I pretty much took charge and planned a weekend camping trip for this Labor Day. We figured that if it were left up to the guys it owuld never get accomplished. ;) (and we were right..we both told them about it- when, where, etc; but when it came time to go both of them had "forgotten" about it!) Needless to say, Korey and I were both a little apprehensive about the whole weekend, considering how last weekend's camping excursion went. But, our fears were unfounded. Despite beginning the weekend with Hailey being super cranky(hence the sling being used almost all day on Friday) and a tire blowing on the camper we borrowed from my brother it was a great weekend. We did end up leaving the camper at my parent's house and borrowing their tent and spending the first night in the back of the trailblazer, 'cause we got there too late to even want to try and set up camp. But, Kody, Devra, and Meredith are great people to hang out with and we spent a good part of the weekend laughing and just having a great time! (the other part was spent consoling one baby or the other...lucky us! they took turns being cranky and tired!) ;)

Here's Hailey and I packing the camping stuff!! She was attached to my hip and a part of all the packing we did that day. I don't blame her, though, on Saturday her tooth finally poked through, so she must have been in a lot of pain Friday! Poor Peanut!!

Devra and I with our babies in the "treasure cave"

Korey holding Meredith while Kody and Devra went exploring...yup, we were definitely not the adventurous ones! Devra, apparently, is pretty adventurous, but Kody kept reminding her about the two babies she has to think about! (she's gonna have another one in March!)

the Kody Ashbeck clan

Korey looking over where the Mississippi and the Wisconsin Rivers meet

the Korey Konietzki Family

Korey and Hailey

the two mom's! We have really grown to love being together and have found that we are a lot alike...our guys must have pretty good taste! :)
How we carried Hailey around pretty much the whole weekend...we took turns, but poor Korey did get the brunt of it...good thing he's so strong and manly! ;)

Hailey hanging out in the pack 'n play. Meredith gets around pretty well, so we put up the pack 'n play and "caged" them in! It was super cute to see them in there playing together. Hailey kept stealing Meredith's nuk and putting it in her mouth. We even tried to move Meredith out of the way, but Hailey would just grab her shirt, pull her over and then steal the nuk! (what a bully!!) we think it was just payback, though, 'cause earlier in the day Meredith puked all over Hailey!

A sleepy baby...isn't that one eye funny? I think she must have just rubbed it or something...
Hailey eating cheerios while Mom plays farkle, we never did get to finish, but the way we left it I was, I'll just say that I would have won. :)
aren't they an adorable family?? They've only been married for 2 years, but they are just adorable together...they make Korey and I want to be a better couple! :) One of the greatest things about hanging out with Kody and Devra is that when we go home we are encouraged in our walks and feel "pushed" to do more for the Lord and to study the Word more, but we're also encouraged as a family and we feel like we love and appreciate each other more. I think it's because we are just so comfortable with one another and can talk about anything and when you are with godly people that's where the natural conversation goes. It's so refreshing to spend time with people like that! Thank you, Lord, for giving us such great friends.
When Korey and I and Kody were all in highschool I never would have pictured us all hanging out and camping together, talking about the Lord around the campfire! How amazing is God that He has plans for us that are so much more amazing than the one's we have for ourselves!

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