Tuesday, September 22

somedays it's just harder than others to trust God...

Yesterday our neighbor (who's a retired lineman) came over and told Korey about a guy who got super badly burned while working on a powerline! (that's the same job that Korey does) What he didn't know is that the guy's wife actually used to work with Korey- she is the first woman to be hired by Public Service to do that kind of work. My heart just broke when I heard of it, because you never like to hear of a husband or father getting hurt, but it makes it so much harder when it is someone that you know. It was so scary to watch my husband walk away to work this morning and know that I need to surrender him to the Lord. And, as Darlene, watches her husband fight for his life at a burn center in Milwaukee, I have to watch my husbnd leave for work and fight with my flesh over not wanting to weep and cling to him harder and harder. I can't imagine what Darlene is going through, today...she has two little boys that are about 2 and 5 months and no matter what their life will never be the same. Even if her husband, Mike, does survive it is never going to be life as normal in their house- but, there's a really good chance that he won't. I guess Mike's whole body was burned and when they found him his skin was hanging and all of his clothing had been burned off, leaving only his boots and leather belt still in tact. I know that it really threw Korey for a loop and our neighbor, too. (our neighbor used to work for the same company as Mike did) I don't think that Korey slept very well last night, he was just too wired about it all! I think the thing that worked Korey up the most is that this guy was a foreman- so he potentially could have quite a few guys working under him and how scary is that, that a guy who doesn't know how to keep himself safe is in charge of keeping other guys safe?! I hear my little peanut waking up, so if you have time pray for Mike Rhode and his wife Darlene and their little boys.

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