Wednesday, September 16

Mommy workout plan 2009!

Before Hailey was born I had this grand notion that everyday I would get out with her and we would go for walks, we would rollerblade, or we would ride bikes- whatever- as long as we were outside and working out. Well, it didn't take too long for reality to hit...then I realized that logistically speaking, after housework, grocery shopping, hanging out with friends, and diapering, feeding, and playing with a baby there just isn't always time to take a walk around the yard, let alone go rollerblading for a few miles! So, I began looking for a workout plan that would fit my lifestyle! My only requirements were that it didn't take a lot of time, it couldn't add any work to my day, and I didn't have to buy any fancy machinery to do it! Unfortunately, I couldn't find any workouts that fit those requirements, so I had to do my own. Here it is:

*To get you started- rise at 6 in the morning- before even the sun is out and brush your teeth vigorously for 2 minutes- or however long it takes before they actually feel clean...which could be 5 min, if you fell into bed an exhausted heap the night before!
*For a warm up- walk to the kitchen to start the coffee and pack husband's lunch. Walk back to the bathroom because you forgot to put your contacts in, walk back to kitchen, walk back to bathroom because you realized that you now have to pee, walk back to get the picture. Do this repeatedly until you realize that either a) whatever you forgot in the bathroom isn't worth it, anymore or b)you should just go back to bed
*To build up your arm and leg muscles- carry the laundry basket down the stairs, come back up for a few stragglers that fell out, go back and start a load, sprint up because you hear the dog barking upstairs and realize that you forgot to let her in, go back down and finish filling the washer, return upstairs to get the clothes out of the baby's room that you forgot the first time, fill washer and return upstairs. Repeat this process for as many loads of laundry that you have!
*For those hard to strenghten back muscles- retrieve baby out of crib, bend down to change diaper, reach up for nuk and a toy for baby to play with. Repeat this action at least 6 more times throughout the day
*Work those forearms by holding the baby's head as your feeding her, then put her in highchair and work the wrist by mushing, stirring and shoveling spoonfuls of food into her mouth
*Build your mental sharpness by trying to remember things...such as, where did I put my keys? bottle? nuk? This exercise is especially helpful to build up your stamina for the bigger questions such as, where did I put the baby? and what was I supposed to do today?
*For stamina training- sprint around the house just minutes before it's time to leave grabbing diaper bag, baby, carseat, bottle, extra diapers, filling the wipes container, a nuk, some baby food, your purse...and whatever else you think you might need for the trip. It is necessary for this exercise that you reserve some energy for the very last minute sprint from the car to the house for the missing car keys! (it is best for this workout if everything is in a different place each day, so as not to get too used to a certain routine!)
*And, last but not least, as a cool down- walk around the living room and kitchen picking up all the stray toys, clothes, books, and diapers.

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