Sunday, September 13

Packer Sunday!!

Well, Korey finally has been able to do the thing that he has been dreaming about since we found out we were pregnant- maybe even before that, but for sure since then- he watched a Football Game with his baby on his lap. Here they are enjoying the game together- well, a few minutes of it at least until Hailey had to take a nap! This isn't the Packer game, by the time that one came on Hailey had long been in bed. (she went to bed a little early today, she was rather cranky) Korey had such a good day, today. We're almost finished working on the little pathway that we're making in the backyard, he got to talk to Jake Smith about duck hunting at church today, and Packer season is in full swing! Last year Korey and I always spent Sundays watching football, eating a frozen pizza or bean dip, and just hanging out together. I'm sure that this year will be a little different, just having Hailey here, but, obviously, it won't change too much. I'm so thankful that the Lord gave us a good baby who is so adaptable. I'm sure that the more children that we have the more our life will be changed, but for now it is just really fun to be able to keep doing some of the things that we really enjoyed doing before Hailey was born. The best is that Hailey and Allie are both pretty good about just hanging out outside while Korey and I are working on stuff. I have to do a lot more playing with Hailey than I did before, but that works out good for me-I do less real, backbreaking work and still look like I'm doing a lot! ;) Silly Dad...
Isn't this sweet?? They look so comfy all snuggled up on the couch together. I just love it! ;)

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