Tuesday, September 22

8 months

Today, I turned 8 months old and I had a big day! I spent the morning at a coffee shop with my favorite friends, practiced my standing skills in the dining room, tried out my new "self-feeding" skills, and then I spent some really great time at swimming lessons with my mommy! All in all a good way to spend my 8 month birthday!
Tyler, my buddy...I'm smiling at my favorite lady, Esther
My favorite lady, Esther!
peek-a-boo, Mommy! I see you!
only big girls stand on chairs by themselves and I do that, so that must make me a big girl!
wow, I'm such a big girl, but mommy still doesn't trust me all by myself...see her hand in the background??? She feels like she has to have it there just in case!
hanging out on the floor making faces at my mommy!
eating cottage cheese all by myself for the first time! It was mostly messy, but a lot of fun!

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