Sunday, August 23

women's retreat!

On Friday I took a big leap of faith and went to a women's retreat for our church. It was pretty neat, because it was at our friend's farm and we all just camped out in our tents there! Luckily, Christy Nelson and I were prepared...making us one of the only tents that didn't spend the whole night freezing! So, instead of having a "guest speaker" or a woman come with the purpose of speaking to us we spent a lot of time alone in the Word, meeting in small groups, listening to a few testimonies, and listening to a tape by James McDonald. It was just such a great time of refreshment and renewal for the other women and myself! (at least I hope it was for the rest of them, but I know it was for me!!) The first night we had an hour of TAWG time (Time Alone With God)and we studied the Philippians 2:6-11. It was one of the first times that I had ever really studied those verses...and I really was struck by the fact that Jesus was exalted by God because He was obedient. One of the cross references we studied is Hebrews 5:8, and it says that Jesus learned obedience through His suffering, even though He was the Son of God. I just couldn't help but be convicted that if Jesus, who is in the form of God, humbles Himself to follow God's command's/desires- even unto death how much more should I, a mere human with no goodness or righteousness in me, humble myself continually and place my life and all my desires under God's control- to follow Him wherever, whenever, and whatever the cost! God is asking this of me!!! One of the things we kept saying this weekend is that we are ordinary women who serve an extraordinary God! I really felt this "ordinariness" in my soul, when I truly missed my little baby girl. I wasn't sure how I would do without Hailey and, honestly, though I did miss her I did better than I thought I would. I was a little afraid that I'd spend the whole night weeping and missing her, but I didn't even really feel that ache of loneliness unless someone brought it up. So, Thank you, Lord! I was able to really enjoy my time! (until I came home and Hailey wouldn't even go to me or look at me- she just wanted to stay by her Daddy! It almost broke my heart...but, I just fed her and then she remembered me and loved me again!) :)

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