Sunday, August 16

PreSeason Packer Game

Korey, My Dad, My little bro- Mike, and I all headed to GreenBay for the first preseason Packer Game yesterday. It was such a good time and what made it even better was the fact that my Mom didn't mind staying home and watching Hailey for us! It was my first time "away" from her for an extended amount of time, so it was nice to have someone that I know loves her as much as I do watch her! ;) I don't know if this is weird or not, but I felt like before we left we had to get stuff in order- just in case we didn't make it back! I did leave my mom with a note saying that she could make medical decisions for Hailey- just in case...luckily she didn't need to use it!

Here's Mike and I with our tickets! We parked in a family's backyard...kinda felt weird, but it was a perfect location to get out really fast!
Korey the grill master! (I forgot a spatula, so he had to grill with a little plastic frog fork) ;)

My Dad and brother
Wow...don't these guys look like they like each other??

The stadium!

Korey and I in front of the stadium! I think I was one of the only people not wearing green and gold! I did have a Packer shirt on, but it was a pink one ;) (I just don't look good in green or yellow...)

Inside the stadium. This was Korey's first time inside the stadium and he was super pumped! I think it turned out to be everything he thought it would be!

here we are in our seats! We got super close to the action...our seats we were only 7 rows up from the bottom and we sat around the 30 yard line!
The browns stretching before the game...this is how close we were!
they let a whole bunch of balloons go right after the national athem. It was pretty neat looking

the guy videotaping. It was pretty neat- they moved him on a motorized little cart and he just sat there and taped the whole time

the huddle up!
look at all those guys videoing and photographing! it was crazy...they took up the whole sideline!
this lady followed this guy around and held his cord for him. It was pretty neat, 'cause before the game she was running around taking pictures of herself down there and her with the guy with the video camera. I guess it was just cool to see her enjoying being there as much as we were!
The air conditioner. This is the punter...he spent the most time around the air conditioner...apparently he has a very hard job! :)

My dear husband and I enjoying the game! There were 69,000 + other fans there...but, it seriously felt like we were in a world of our own- that's just how much fun we were having!

the guy marking the downs...they don't even have a little yellow line that gets put on the field like they show on tv. :)
the little cheerleaders...we were on the wrong side to see the real ones, which was kind of dissappointing, but they girls did a good job. They tried hard, but they only had one stunt that they did! Seriously...they could have at least gotten a little creative!
the "packer nut" guy with a squirrel set on top of his cheesehead
Korey still enjoying the game towards the end of the 4th quarter...the stadium started to empty out, but we hung on til the bitter end ;)
All in all we had a great time. I went just to be a good wife and to do something fun with my husband, but ended up really enjoying myself. I slept pretty much all the way home, but I think the guys even enjoyed talking "lineman" on the way home! (Mike is a lineman down in Baraboo) Korey is even talking about maybe making it a yearly trek for the Konietzki family, but we'll see. I would really like to take Hailey. There were a few babies there and they were so adorable. I'm not sure I'd take her this year, but maybe next or the next even...we'll see! (maybe we won't be able to afford it in a few years...)

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