Monday, August 10

Hailey's growing tree

Hailey is getting bigger and bigger and I kept thinking that we really did need something to chart her progress...I didn't want to do the whole marking on the wall, 'cause it just seemed too boring, but I didn't know what else to really do! So, I found a picture of this growing tree and decided to copy it. Admittedly it doesn't really look a whole lot like the original picture, so I won't even put it on here for you to compare! :) My Mom came up and helped me do it- otherwise I'd probably still be looking at the picture on the internet wondering how I was going to create it! My Mom and I work together well that way- I come up with ideas and she makes them a reality!
So, here's Hailey's 28 week mark! (she's gonna be 29 weeks, soon, but maybe she'll grow by then ;))
The full picture! With Allie poking her head around the door to look at me!
A close up of the top of the tree

A close up of the numbers
I wrote all the #'s on the wall with a black permanent marker...hope Korey won't be too mad some day!
Another look at the tree...I had a hard time getting the trunk you can probably tell!
My Mom did all the hard work...she cut out the templates that we used for the birds, she drew the leaves, she created the little top...actually, now that I think of it I'm not sure why I even helped. :) She's just so good at this stuff, that I was afraid I'd screw stuff up if I tried to do it on my own! Korey did try and draw a litle squirrel looking out of the tree, but it just didn't look right, so we all agreed that it had to go! :) Oh yeah, and my Dad and Phillip played with Hailey while we worked, so it was pretty much a family affair!

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