Saturday, August 29


Korey, Hailey, and I enjoyed a few beautiful days in Superior WI and Duluth MN! We stayed at Pattison State Park and then drove into town to do stuff. It was definitely a memorable vacation...Hailey began cutting her first tooth and, like most of our vacations, it rained a good portion of the time! We did get to enjoy Thursday night and Friday, but we had planned on staying Friday night and ended up leaving and coming home because it rained all day long and was pretty chilly. Korey and I both agreed that next time we take Hailey camping if it even looks like it might rain we're gonna stay home or splurge and stay in a hotel! (it would definitely be worth it!)
Here Hailey and I are enjoying a little swing time before we start our big day of exploring the Lake Superior Shore!

The three of us on a boat cruise around the shore! We got to see a lot of cool stuff and they even fed us pizza. :) The best part was seeing a Polish vessel that traveled all the way from Poland to the Lake Superior!! (korey was gonna go and try to get on...maybe find a kinsman or two, but we couldn't get close enough!)
Hailey and Daddy hanging out in the park by the Lake
yes, she is wearing a different outfit here and it wasn't even Hailey's fault. In fact, Dad spilled soda on her and we had to change her!

at the Duluth Freshwater Museum
I got to cary Hailey around in the was so much fun. I loved hanging out with her and holding her so close. The guy from the tour said that she was the best baby he'd seen all day. She didn't even cry through the whole tour!

Hailey and Mommy

A big boat that we toured...the tour took us up or down 18 flights of stairs, but it was well worth it, even though my legs were exhausted afterwards!

awww...look at the pretty Lake Superior shore!

Hugging a little beaver...with Daddy hanging out behind.
Hailey and Mommy outside the logging museum
Hailey's new coonskin cap that her daddy bought her

Yummy, does that steering wheel taste good, Hailey?? This is pretty much what she did the whole time- chewed on stuff!

Hailey's new mocassins! They're a little big, but they're super cute and hopefully they'll keep her nice and warm this winter!

The end of our we are hanging out in the tent trying to stay warm and dry! Just before we packed it all up and left for home!

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