Wednesday, August 19

Now it's Pepsi!

Hailey, Korey, and I went out for dinner last night after we went to visit Hailey's new friend, Owen, in the hospital. It was super fun to take Hailey with us. She is really getting to that age where she's really fun to take places. Plus, it's so great to have so many people compliment her on how beautiful she is! I think that we're gonna have to start calling her ugly, just to keep her head from getting big! She had more than one person tell her that she looks like a movie star yesterday. I think that people are really trying to be nice, but I really do hope it stops before she gets any bigger and can remember! As you can tell Hailey loves to play with the cups! (don't worry- I only had water!) :)
look at how hard she's concentrating on drinking her Pepsi! ;)

Maybe we should start buying some stock in the Pepsicola Company! It looks like we'll be buying a lot of it in the years to come! :)

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