Monday, August 31

Pattison State Park

Pattison State Park is one of the prettiest campgrounds that i have ever been to! The sites are so nice and private, the bathrooms are relatively clean (as clean as they can be...considering!!), the walking paths are super nice and all paved, and they have garbage cans all over the place!! Here are some pics of us going to Big Manitou Falls! all the pics of the falls were lost, but it's the people that count, right?!! ;(

Hailey all bundled in my sweatshirt...good thing pushing the stroller makes me warm! This was one time I didn't want to share the responsibility with Korey! It got kinda chilly without the extra effort! :)
Our little family

The two love birds enjoying their anniversary trip! :)

a very cute Daddy with his adorable daughter!!!

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