Thursday, August 20

4 years of wedded bliss...

When Korey and I first met more than 12 year ago, I never would have thought that today we would be celebrating our 4th year as a married couple! We were both just geeky little junior highers, with me planning on moving up to the highschool the next year and pretty much our deepest thoughts had something to do with getting our drivers liscenses in the next few years! :) And, no, we weren't dating back then. In fact, we did go on a date once a few years before we started "dating" and we both pretty much went home and told our parent's that it just wasn't for us. (which was pretty much a blow to them!) :) But, luckily, my Mom is a very righteous woman- or at least her prayers are very powerful and effective, because it wasn't more than a year or two after that that Korey called me up and asked me to hang out with him again and the rest is...history! :) So, here we are a little over 12 years after we first met and as happy as can be! Thanks for 4 great years, Korey!

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