Monday, August 24

I love you, my sweet little baby girl!

I think that Hailey may be teething...she has been super cranky lately, sleeping a lot, eating a lot, and there's a little bump on her gums! I guess only time will tell, but it would be an exciting new adventure for all of us! :) (probably not that exciting for Hailey, though...actually, maybe not fun or exciting for any of us!) This was her, yesterday, when she was going through a little "happy time"! I just can't get over how much I love her sweet little smile and her adorable eyes. Korey is pretty in love with her, too. In fact, we are now, finally, fighting over who gets to carry her places and when we're rollerblading or going for a walk with her no one wants to push, because it's more fun to play with Hailey while we're going! Yes, we are pretty much like little kids with a new toy, but we can't help it. We just really do love her that much! :)

"I'm just so calm and good natured! Don't believe a word of what my mommy tells you about me!"
"hey Mom! I love you that much, too!"

"grrrr...I'm goin got eat you lion"

"hmmm...I think I see Allie.."
"aren't I just the cutest kid ever!!"

"I can't find the lion, so I guess my hand will have to do! I wish my Mom would put me in clothes that I have to chew on my shirt sleeve!"
This little outfit is one of her 3-6 month ones that I thought for sure she'd outgrow before it got cool enough for her to wear it! :) But, I guess not! Hopefully she'll grow into it soon. I kinda feel like even with her new "diet" that she hasn't been growing that much. She's still so tiny and her clothes are still so big on her! I think more of the problem is going to be the weather is too cold for her summer clothes by the time they fit! ;)

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