Friday, November 9

war zone

We're at it again...all 4 kiddos are throwing up and have diarrhea (as do Korey and I) blech!! It started with Korey, yesterday, then Maelle threw up a few times, then moved on from there. No one this morning had been able to keep anything down, but after naps this morning the M's were doing a lot better and had a little more energy and we're hoping that Jackson and Hailey will do the same after a little nap this afternoon. Korey bought some Dora Chicken Noddle soup when he went on a pedialyte run this morning and Hailey has been begging for it since he showed it to her :)

Poor little kiddos :( It's pretty rough to not feel good and have your tummy upset. They're all dealing with it surprisingly well, though. I think they're doing better than their mom, actually!! I'm praying that all of us will be on the up and up soon and ready to take on the world, again :)


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    1. thanks! We do seem to be on the up and up, now. No one has thrown up for over 24 hours- woohoo and other than a few runny diapers and poor little 2 year old struggling to make it to the bathroom on time we're doing tons better :) I bet the flu with your 4 would be awful- @ least 2 of mine can somewhat sorta make it to the bathroom! Let's pray you never get hit with it!!