Thursday, November 1

they'll know

It was 6:10 am, Korey had just left for duck hunting, I sat down- cup of coffee in hand and Bible in front of me. All I had on my mind was spending some great quiet and peace-filled time with just me and my Lord. Then, I heard it...the tell tale click of the bedroom door opening and followed by the pitter patter of 2 little bare feet on the floor as my oldest daughter decided that she would join me in my morning quiet time.
I thought I had it figured out. For about a week I was able to get up in the morning and have some good, productive time with God and it was so refreshing and so wonderful and this morning Hailey woke up really early and "spoiled" it all. I felt so frustrated and rushed and sad and just plan irritated.
"and they'll know we are christians by our love, by our love. yes, they'll know we are christians by our love."
This is the refrain of a song that we used to sing at the church I grew up in and the other day a friend brought it to mind by her sweet and encouraging text. I have really been struggling with my quiet time- not necessarily struggling to fit it in- because that rarely happens, but struggling with not getting frustrated with my kids and/or husband and/or housework when they interrupt my time with God. I was telling my friend about it this morning and she gently reminded me that it's not about reading your Bible or studying your Bible it's about actually applying your Bible reading in real life! It's about showing love and patience to those around us. It's about showing our children Christ by our love; not by how much time we spend reading our Bible. It was just the reminder that I needed that the amount of time that I get to spend really doesn't make the difference- it's what I do with the time that I do get to spend in the Word that makes the difference. 

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  1. And remember our conversation last your kids are morning people (kids)...well, this proves it! Sorry Jenni...maybe switch your quiet time to at night?? If they keep up with this "morning people" type thing, you might have to...until they to can learn what a quiet time is and do it as well! :)