Wednesday, November 14

too fast

Yikes! It never ceases to amaze me how fast my kids grow up! Everyone warned me of it when Hailey was a newborn, but apparently I didn't listen hard enough, because it still surprises me! 
Hailey's been drawing a lot of really cute pictures and it's been adorable and super fun to see! 
 don't you love her little people?? they have hair, legs and daddy even has less hair than mommy ;) 
 with Hailey's obsession with drawing and coloring and crafts- all the kids have been getting into "arts and crafts". Jack's drawings mostly consist of circles and scribbles, right now, but it sure is cute to listen to him tell me what he drew- mostly a truck or a dinosaur! 
 Maysen loves crafts, too...or maybe she likes chewing on the markers! 
 Maelle's just mostly too busy trying to crawl around, walk around and create problems to worry about coloring and all that stuff :)
 Jack showing off his drawings. It's a good thing this boy is so cute, because he's been pushing a lot of buttons lately! grrr...why are 2 year olds so hard??! 
 yup, Macy's brother decided to color her neck...
 and then her sister decided to pick on her...poor Macy! 
 I can't believe that my little twinnies are almost a year, I can't believe that my little firstborn is gonna be 4 soon and I can't believe that my sweet little boy is turning in to a terrible two year old!! kids are growing up too fast- time please slow down!


  1. aw! i love her people drawings! i was so proud when gus drew his first person! wich happened to be his first reconisable picture haha :) i had it on the fridge for weeks! gideon and jackson must be in the same stage too, oi! :)

    1. don't ya just love that wonderful 2 year old stage ;) I hung hers up on the fridge, too, and it was one of the first pictures that I actually kept for her little "keep sake box" (or should I say, mommy keepsake box, since she probably won't care about the outfit I brought her home from the hospital in and a silly drawing) :)