Monday, November 12

the reality

Just in case you were wondering- the reality of having a family of 6 all sick with the flu is not pretty! We definitely had a weekend filled with "good, bad and horribly ugly" (that's mommy- having showered multiple times to get the throw up off of her, but never getting clean enough)
so here's the reality of our weekend:
the good...
*family naptime- I'm pretty sure I don't have to say anymore about that! we all love naps, don't we??
*Korey taking the day off on Friday to be home and help me...I'll be forever grateful!
*having your twin sister to sleep with you and hold your hand and comfort you when you don't feel well- makes me wish I had a twin sister :)
*quality time spent sitting on the couch snuggling and reading and watching movies and tv together. Generally we're not huge fans of just hanging out and doing nothing, but it was kind of a sweet way to spend the weekend.
*long naps, early bedtimes...we went to bed along with Hailey and Jack 2 nights in a row!! (in our defense, those were the nights that they did stay up later, since they had both slept until 4, no 6:30 bed times that night- although it might have been 7:30) :)
*a chance to practice gracing one another. It's hard not to be moved to compassion and deal graciously when your kids are throwing up in the middle of the night, but it's hard to keep that compassion and grace going when you're exhausted and tired and they're just plain cranky and seem to be crying over anything and everything the next day. 
*loosing over 6 lbs! that's right- at least this flu bug is worth something :)
 the bad...
*having your twin sister throw up on you when you're sleeping all snuggled up together
*4 little people throwing up and only one of them even trying to make it to the bathroom...let's just say, "ewwww"! I've never seen Korey so close to tears as he was the other night when Hailey threw up all over him. Poor guy, good thing he loves that little girl with a special little love :)
*a poor little boy with diarrhea that has a hard time making it to the bathroom on time- on more than one occasion we were very thankful we put blankets and towels all over the couch and floor!
*mounds and mounds and mounds and mounds (you get the point) of laundry...I was even up doing laundry at 3 in the morning last night.
*cranky, crying, whiny kids who don't understand why they can't eat or why they can't have milk or juice. 
*throw up on the floor with 2 super investigative little babies 
*no coffee :( you know it's bad when you're stomach is so upset that you don't even want coffee!!
*kids wanting to snuggle with you for comfort when they're upset, so you end up taking the brunt of the throw up :( 
Today I scrubbed the floors, cleaned the toilets, finished up the last of the laundry and put dinner in the crock pot- all in hopes of this flu bug being gone from our house soon and us all being on the "up-swing"!! Let's hope it worked!!

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