Monday, November 5


Ever have those days where all your hearts and attitudes just need a little bit of redirecting?? 
Me and the kiddos had one of those days, today. The time change has been a little rough on all of the littles and mommy hasn't dealt with it with the grace that she should. So, today, we tried a little redirecting of our attitudes, our hearts, and tried to turn our bad day into a good day! 
we crafted these cute little turkeys...didn't quite go as planned, but I got to practice imparting grace to my children and letting go of my ideas and plans and letting them be creative :)
 then, we bundled ourselves up and went outside! 

even I gotta admit that for cranky kids- these 4 are the cutest :) We had such a great time outside, just running around, crawling all over and licking the ice off of the little car :)
Too bad all good things must come to an end and we had to head inside and eat lunch and take naps...oh wait, naps were the good part of our day :) Everyone slept so good and I even had to wake a few of them up to head to town at 3.
That is when the true redirecting of our day occurred. Up until that point I hadn't really had much hope that we were going to get over this bad day and truly make it good, but I took myself, my 4 kiddos and supper and crashed a friend's peaceful afternoon and it was blessedly crazy and wonderful! Our kiddos (she has 2 girls) ran and ran and ran. They laughed. They made messes. Babies fell down the stairs (ok, just one, but she tried to do it numerous times). They(literally) bounced off walls and slid down poles. They ran around without pants on (yeah, that was my son in the midst of all those girls...) They made forts out of pillows. They ate food off the floor. They peed on the floor. They crawled through the pee on the floor. It was wild and crazy and my friend and I just sat and laughed and talked in the midst of it. It was beautiful and wonderful and I left her house with a peace in my heart. It might have had something to do with the fact that 2 of them fell asleep on the way home, but I prefer to think that it had more to do with the grace of my friend opening her home and her life to our craziness. And, that, is what truly redirected my day- a sweet friend and her girls- a precious gift from God!!

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