Thursday, November 8


There are only a few things cuter than little kids playing with a box and that is one of the reasons that I love having my "hands full" of children :) 
reading books at the table is one of the biggest reasons why I love Wednesdays! Our neighbor's often watch the twins that day while the older 2 and I head to story time at the library in Mosinee. We have been having so much fun going there to listen, do crafts and play with toys- picking out books is just an added bonus! 
here's one reason why I should never bother making my bed. I actually did this morning and this is how I found the bed, a mere hour later!! (forgive me for the weird ugly sheet on the bottom...we've had a few showings on our house and laundry has been a low priority) :)
there are just a few good reasons why I love my little life :) 

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