Saturday, November 24

Happy Thanksgiving!

I was so prepared for a "normal" Thanksgiving this year- after our incredibly stressed and quiet celebration of pb&j sandwiches and a drive around town last year :) But, I guess normal is rather elusive, regardless, of what you have going on in your life! 
We put the babies down for a nap and were planning on waking them up a little early and then heading to my mom and dad's for the day. Turned out that we woke the girls early to sit in the car and watch movies for an hour and a half, about 5 blocks away from our house. For once in my life I guess I'm thankful for my husband's "nosy-ness". He thought he saw a fire, then he said it smelled like a, of course he had to check it out...turned out that a garage was on fire and we were the first ones on the scene. Korey ended up going and getting the family out of the house, as I called 911. (my first time calling 911- kinda hard to believe I've made it this long without any horrible catastrophe) The poor family lost their garage and the car inside it, but most of the house was saved...not inhabitable for a bit, but definitely will be able to move back in at some point. It definitely made us appreciate what we have and be much more thankful for our little house! 
we do a lot of sleeping around this house :) even on Thanksgiving- ok, especially on Thanksgiving- when everyone is willing to run with, play with and entertain my kiddos!! They get pretty wore out with all their aunts and uncles! 
Macy girl trying to get our of her highchair...
my crazy funny little boy- entertaining us all :) 
sweet little Ellie eating her cheerios and trying to get in some trouble at Nani's house
I took this picture just before everyone was going to sit down for dinner and it was a good thing that I did, because our little family never did make it to the table...this momma ended up getting sick and her poor family had to leave just as dinner was getting done. It was a good thing, though, as I ended up throwing up 2 more times on the way home- no one wants that around on Thanksgiving! Thankfully, though, we figure it's not the flu- just me and a weird allergy to avocados. Strange, huh?! I'm mostly just thankful that I know I'm not going to pass it on to someone else in the family. 
This turned out not to be exactly the Thanksgiving that I had planned for our little family, but we're blessed none the less and we're so incredibly thankful that we have a house to come home to, clean clothes to wear, and great family to celebrate with! (not to mention an amazing neighbor who bought the girls matching "thanksgiving day outfits"- can you tell her husband's out at deer camp?) ;)

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