Tuesday, November 20

I'm a deer hunter, how do ya do...

or something like that ;) 
here's my deer hunter and his 2 precious hunters in training with the deer he got a few minutes after the sun rose on opening morning!
Jack was a little scared of how big the deer was and the blood on it...but, not my sweet precious princessy little girl :) she just got right in there and loved every minute of it. She's been asking Korey to take her deer hunting every day since he brought the buck home! 
a scared little boy...who needed his own gun with him for protection :)
a proud dad and his equally as proud little girl :) 
going from a girl whose Dad never really liked hunting, to a girl who cuts up deer in her own kitchen and cooks it for dinner almost every night has been a pretty big stretch for me, but I'm thankful I can say that I'm getting there and I wold proudly allow my little girl to go for her hunter's safety when she's old enough so that she can hunt down big bucks of her own someday! (not sure I'm gonna go as far as to hunt down my own anytime soon or anything, though) :) 


  1. That is a beautiful buck! Congrats to your husband!

    My husband got one too in the afternoon on opening day. So looking forward to venison cutlets!