Thursday, November 1

trick or treat

the M&M's didn't get dressed up for Halloween. I guess I just wasn't on the ball enough...didn't think it was important enough...yeah, I guess I just didn't care enough :)
 they're kinda cute, anyways, in their little coordinating outfits :)
 isn't it great how Maysen and my Grandma have the exact same expressions in both these pictures?? spooky ;)
 Neither my little princess or my little "worker man" wanted to have their picture taken!
 Jack was all set to be elmo or spider man for Halloween, but then the morning of he changed his mind and wanted nothing more than to be a worker like Daddy :) I thought it was so precious and tried my hardest to come up with a good costume, but Korey said he looks more like a farmer with a hard hat than a lineman...but, at least I tried, right?! :)
 snow white- who insisted on being called cinderella :) 
 Jack and I trailed behind a little bit... 

 our sweet neighbor's didn't just give our kids candy- they had treat bags filled with candy, pretzels, goldfish, fruit snacks and homemade goodies. We were all spoiled (since the twins were each given a bag, too, and I felt compelled to eat their's for them) :)

 we had one little ladybug and one little tigger snowsuit, so that's what the m's got to be :)
 of course Hailey refused to zip up her jacket, because then you couldn't see her dress good enough :)
 I think the ladybug had had enough...
 poor Jack was so cold by the time we got home (all our neighbor's had to talk and talk and talk to us about the fact that we're selling our house and look at the twins, etc, and we weren't planning on hitting that many houses, so we didn't even bring hats and mittens)...he couldn't get warm and kept crying and crying for more blankies :) 
 one last picture of the little glow-worms helping me empty the dishwasher before bed :)
the kids and I read the "first thanksgiving" story this morning and I'm so glad to be shifting my focus to thanksgiving and what I'm thankful for :) 

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