Thursday, October 25

what happens...

to the other 3 kiddos- when mommy has a baby in need of a diaper change, an emergency bath and some necessary laundry- you never know. Some days its rather cute, some days its rather annoying, some days its rather dangerous, some days its rather naughty, some days its trouble with a capital T but most days its pretty funny. Thankfully, God graciously allows my kiddos to do some cute and funny stuff, rather than always find trouble. That's exactly what happened the other day- Hailey found my camera and took some cute little pics of her other 2 siblings playing around, while I took care of Maelle! 

still am not entirely sure why Jack and Maysen were in the shower, but I guess I'm not gonna ask too many questions- they weren't playing in the toilet, they weren't scaling the walls, no one got hurt and it did make for some cute pictures! I think I need to get a new camera so that my little girl can have my "old one". She is turning out to be quite the photographer! 

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