Thursday, October 25

11 months

Can hardly believe little m&m's are only 1 month away from being a year old. I don't know whether to cry or cheer! I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it was God who brought our little family through the last 11 months and I know I say it often, but I, honestly am in awe of the simple fact that we have made it this far. I don't know what the other option would be...I don't even want to think about the other option, but there are so many blessings that I see when I look back on the past 11 months that I can't help but stand in awe of the fact that God chose my little family to pour out His blessings on. 
 here's my little Macy girl- looking every bit of 11 months old! The bigger of the 2, weighing in at 16lbs 11oz, she's definitely tripled her weight, already. If there's a more "contented" one of the 2, she would be it- unless she's sick or teething, then she's all crank and whine!! :) She loves to be wherever Hailey and Jack are- she follows both of them around the house, determined not to be left out of the action! 
 Ellie-belle and Macy girl- two little goofy and crazy babies! 
So in love with these two!!
 My sweet little Ellie- belle. She's such a little goof and already has the funniest and craziest little personality. She's the smallest of the 2- weighing in at 15lbs 9oz, but she makes up for it in spunk. She's determined not to be left behind by Maysen and is constantly on the move! She's also the one that if I'm holding her sister, she'll throw herself down on the ground, put her head down on the floor, cry and look at me with pitiful little eyes until I pick her up, too! 
 both of these little ones have their top 2 teeth.
Maysen has one of her bottom ones and Maelle is working on hers. 
 the girls can go up the stairs like champs, but only Maysen is good at going down the stairs. Maelle tries and most often I have to catch her. Thankfully, Maysen has only gone up and down the first few steps and she and Maelle tend to stick together, so it hasn't been too many steps for her to topple down. It is probably one of the cutest things, though, to look down our steps and see these two little ones climbing up together! 
 ahhh, yes, when they're not getting in trouble together- they're creating trouble by going in opposite directions. I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to do when they start walking (besides stay home and NEVER go anywhere in public). We have a new game we play at our house- "find the baby"- mostly because we're always losing one of them! (but, partly because it's super cute to see Hailey and Jack run around the house calling and searching for a baby) :) 
 Jackson calls both girls "Maysen and Maelle" and Hailey calls them "that baby" 
  Happy 11 month birthday, Maysen and Maelle! I love you two princesses so much. You keep me on my toes and I love that about you. My life was not so full and so wonderful before you came. I love nothing better than snuzzling with the 2 of you in the morning before the other 2 are up! Nursing you two peanuts is the best thing that I've ever done and I love every minute of it. I love to kiss your little heads and I love the feel of your little fingers. Nothing is sweeter than you two and I don't want you to ever grow up!! 

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