Tuesday, October 16

duck hunter extraordinaire

Hailey lived every little girls dream tonight-going duck hunting with her Daddy :) 
(oh wait- that's not every girls dream come true??! It sure was Hailey's...this little girl was so excited to go with him that she cold barely contain herself all day long and had to tell everyone that we saw about it)
 doesn't she look all sweet and cute and little in the boat all by herself??
 oh yeah, just chillin' in the duck blind!
 my beautiful precious princess and duck hunter extraordinaire 
 thanks for making sweet memories with your daughter, Korey! Just one of the many reasons I love you and think you're the best Daddy ever!!

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  1. How fun! My husband took our oldest out "hunting" on Saturday. She was very excited! When she got home I asked her how it was...boring and cold. I asked my husband if those were her words or his: He had asked her "did you have fun? Or was it boring and cold?" In her defense, it was the coldest morning we've had so far, 20*F.

    I'm so excited to read along with you and your family!